Mathematics @ 50.

Turning 50 today is a milestone, and this year I embarked on one of my dreams of a lifetime—to learn and teach and explore the beautiful imagination of mathematics. I am doing my Master’s degree in Mathematics (with a focus on teaching it in Kindergarten to Grade 12) over these two years. In my 20s I was a passionate English literature (& language) teacher, in my mid-30s I became a passionate Finance teacher, and now in my 50s, I aspire to become a passionate mathematics teacher.

 All of you who know me (especially my students and friends) know how much I love mathematics. My people, I am delighted to share with you that mathematics is infinitely more beautiful, more exciting, and more fascinating than what I thought I knew of it. I am studying at Harvard University, and I can say confidently that their reputation for excellence in teaching and innovations in education is well-deserved. The electrifying “light-bulb” moments, the ingenious innovations in online and live teaching, as well as the intellectual, inclusive, & cultural diversity of the students and teachers are truly exceptional.

 One day I hope I may get to teach mathematics to your child (or grandchild, or any beloved child). I promise a new promise of excellence: to do my utmost to ensure that the child will grow with a love of mathematics, a passion for intellectual thinking, and develop a mathematical identity that is the birthright of every child growing into adulthood. Then, one day, we can dream that every human will know they are a mathematician—because they are human. Homo sum, mathematicus sum: (I am human, therefore, I am a mathematician).

Today, turning 50, my friends ask “What are you doing for your 50th?” The suggestions of Vegas, or an exotic vacation seem uninspired. Just yesterday I wrote my midterm exam for amazing Calculus. My mind feels illuminated in its clarity of learning anew something I love, and I am indeed privileged and blessed by God (and the unwavering support of my parents) to enter the future with my mind alive. On fire. And dancing in the light.

I offer this prayer and wish for your 50th Birthday (especially to my students):

May your mind be illuminated in the focused clarity of learning anew something you love, for learning is the perpetual joy of our lives.


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